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Collection: Modern Style Hangers

Our Modern Style Hangers coming soon!

If you are interested in this style, call or email us for a quote and we can set up a purchase order for you. 

The button caps on the face of the hanger hide the screws that are used to tighten the hanger giving the needed compression.  The screws are placed above the textile so they do not puncture your valued textile.

Same color and wood options as our Original Custom Hangers plus a few more choices.  We are also offering the solid hardwood button caps in the standard finishes as well as brush-painted silver and gold.

You can order your button caps with either the same finish as the hanger or choose a different finish  for the button cap for an even more modern look.

Our Modern Hangers can accommodate a textile that is 3/8" or less in compressed thickness.  If you textile is thicker, order the additional Long Screws which can accommodate up to 3/4".

 Better photos coming soon.

Additional purchases: Natural Muslin, Long Screws(coming soon) and Anchors, see their listings near the bottom of this page.

Modern Style Rug Hanger1Modern Style Quilt Hanger1Modern Hanger unf maple1Modern Style Rug Hanger unf maple black caps

 Finish / Wood Choices:

 Natural Finished Oak Clear Finish on Walnut
Medium Stained Oak Unfinished Oak
Dark Walnut Stained Oak Unfinished Paintable-Grade Maple
Satin Black on Maple Unfinished Clear Maple
Satin White on Maple Unfinished Walnut
Clear Finish on Maple
Button finishes same as above plus brush-painted silver and gold.
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