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Collection: Casual Clamps

Art In A Pinch Casual Clamps display your quilt or rug quickly and conveniently. Simply place the edge of your quilt or textile between the two rails and tighten the knob on the clamp. Keyhole slots on the back make hanging on a wall easy.

Our quilt and rug clamps are a more casual look ideal for light-weight seasonal displays. Use two or more of these 4" clamps to hang your textile. Our clips are sold individually. The listing description will help you determine how many clamps are right for your textile.

Time frame:  We usually only have a few finished Casual Clamps in stock. Unfinished hangers take about 2 weeks and large orders of finished clamps take about 4 weeks to make. Each listing description will have more information.

Need more information?  Check out our listings below, our FAQ section or feel free to contact us.

To order online:  Click on the listing below. Read the listing description before placing your order. There are several colors within the listing. Choose your wood / finish from the drop-down menu. Adjust the quantity if you need to (clamps are sold individually).  Push the "add to cart" button when you are ready to place your order.  If you would prefer to order over the phone, give us a call.

Additional purchases: Natural Muslin, Long Knobs and Anchors, see their separate listings this page.

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