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Natural Muslin Fabric

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Natural Muslin Fabric

3" wide strip (sold by the inch)

A natural undyed, unbleached fabric is used to protect your textile from unfinished wood or finishes you apply yourself. It also gives added cushion to high valued textiles so the pinching is on the muslin instead of your textile. Also used to help hold and cushion extremely thin, slippery, delicate and / or fragile hangings. Recommended for any textile you want to give added cushion or protection to. The pinching is done on the muslin instead of on your hanging. Most silk rugs or textiles with uneven thickness require muslin. Muslin is folded and wrapped around the quilt or rug and is hidden in the hanger.  No sewing required.

Measure your textile's width and order enough muslin for that width.

Instructions will be provided with the order.

To order:

Enter number of inches ($.08/inch) in the Quantity box

More information:

If the edge of your textile is uneven across the top, you will need to use muslin to build up the textile so that it is the same thickness all the way across. Pay special attention to the corners since they often are thicker. We also recommend muslin if you are hanging any of the following: antique hanging, silk rug, slippery fabric, collectable hanging, valuable art, damaged edges.

Unfinished hangers have resins in the wood that can damage the textile if not wrapped.