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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang a rug on a wall and How to hang a quilt on a wall:
Preserve your valued hanging textiles with a high quality quilt hanger or rug hanger that uses gentle, firm and even pressure to support the piece. We have had many customers tell us that their quilts and rugs have fallen off the wall using Velcro as recommended on some websites. The use of nails or carpet tack strip pulls on individual fibers and will damage your textile over time. Click the following links to see instructions for Art In A Pinch quilt hangers and rug hangers:
Original Wall Quilt Hanger and Wall Rug Hanger Instructions (pdf)
Mini Wall Quilt Hanger Instructions (pdf)
Casual Clamps Wall Quilt Clamps and Wall Rug Clamps Instructions (pdf)

What size hanger should I order? (Do I need long knobs?)
First, measure your quilt or rug's width and thickness. Note: the list size of a purchased textile is often not accurate and quilt sizes for twin/queen/king beds are not standardized.

The listed lengths of our hangers are the actual product lengths. Choose a hanger length that will reach at least the width of the quilt or rug. Edges extending beyond the hanger may sag or pull on seams and stitches. A hanger that is an inch or two longer than your piece on each side looks fine and most people can choose a standard size. If you prefer a perfect fit order a custom size if a standard size doesn't meet your needs.

If your rug or textile is over 3/8 inch thick when compressed you will need our knobs with longer shanks. The maximum textile thickness for our longer knobs is 3/4 inch when compressed. Click here to purchase longer knobs. Note: For your convenience, when purchasing a hanger and longer knobs you will receive the regular sized knobs as well. Our knobs are not returnable.

Our Mini Hangers are not meant for thick textiles. The ideal maximum textile thickness for our Mini Hangers is 1/4 inch compressed.

How do you ship? What is your shipping policy?
Discounted shipping options available to most locations in the US. All of our hangers are shipped using standard mail with the Postal Service. Additional shipping charge for UPS Ground, Priority Mail, non 48 states, including APO/FPO/DPO addresses and Canada. Our delivery policy is the following. Standard sized finished hangers usually ship within 2 business days and take about 3-10 business days to arrive by standard mail. You can view your other shipping options in our shopping cart's billing page. View the shipping options in the upper right corner where it says see rates. Hangers that are 96 inches long must ship USPS. We do not keep unfinished hangers in stock, please allow up to 2 weeks for us to make these. Finished special orders can take up to 4 weeks to make. We reserve the right to require signature on any delivery.

When ordering with us, please make sure your mailing address is correct. Shipping and handling charges will apply to all orders that come back to us and need to be reshipped due to incorrect address or other non-delivered reason provided by carrier. Your credit card is charged when you place your order. Maximum hanger length to Canada is 78 inches.

How do I see the shipping cost before purchasing?
1. Add the item(s) you want to purchase to the cart.
2. In the cart click where it states "Click On Your Billing Information Here".
(You do not need to put your credit card information in at this time.)
3. Enter: Name, address, phone number & email address for your billing & shipping.
4. Push the "Continue With Purchase" button.
5. View your shipping & handling fees
6. You can now either edit your order or billing information, continue shopping, or check out.
Do not push the back button on your browser.

Make sure you are using the correct shipping address if they are different for USPS and UPS.

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Can I ship my quilt hanger or rug hanger Express or FedEx or other companies?
We can ship Express please call us at 218-675-5374 to find out what the additional charges will be and to make sure we can meet your delivery timing. We will not ship using a USPS standard mail service or ship using FedEx. We will not ship using a customer's shipping account number.

Do Art In A Pinch quilt hangers put holes in my quilt or rug?
The answer is no. Your textile will sit into the groove inside of the quilt hanger which is below the knob holes.

How do the hangers attach to the wall?
Quilt Hanger and Rug Hanger KeyholeOur hangers set on screws (not provided) in the wall using keyhole slots routed into the backside of the hanger. The keyholes allow the hanger to be installed flush against the wall. They also provide a safe way to keep your hanger on the wall. To take the hanger off of the wall you have to lift up on the hanger. We have included enough keyholes to support even a heavy rug and they are separated at 16 inches on center for use with your wall studs when possible. If you are installing the hanger onto the studs you can use a screw at each keyhole.

If you would prefer to have keyholes installed to your own specifications, please call and we will tell you what the additonal fee and time frame will be.

If the placement of your hanger does not align the keyholes with your wall studs we strongly recommend using wall anchors to install screws (not provided). Any hardware store should have wall anchors. Make sure you know what kind of wall you have and how heavy your hanging will be so you buy the right kind: Drywall, plaster, masonry. We do not recommend the "plastic plug" style drywall anchors. Our largest Original hanger weighs less than 16 pounds. For your convenience, we are now selling 2 different styles of drywall anchors. Click here to see how many keyholes are on your hanger.

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How many keyhole slots does my quilt or rug hanger have?
Hanger Knob/Keyhole Chart (Click on underlined link.) If you do not hit your wall studs we recommend that you use strong enough wall anchors that can support all the weight. Hardware is not included with your hanger. For more information about wall anchors, see previous question above.

How many wall anchors will I need?
Hanger Knob/Keyhole Chart(Click on underlined link.)
See also question above for answer.

How many knobs are on each hanger?
Hanger Knob/Keyhole Chart (Click on underlined link.) We have provided enough knobs so you can hang even a heavy rug. If you would like more knobs to your own specifications, please call and we will tell you the additional fees and time frame.

Can Art In A Pinch rug hangers hold thick rugs?
Yes, our Original Hangers and Casual Clamps do. If your rug or textile is over 3/8 inch thick when compressed you will need our knobs with longer shanks. The maximum textile thickness for our longer knobs is 3/4 inch when compressed. Click here to purchase longer knobs. Note: For your convenience, when purchasing a hanger and longer knobs you will receive the regular sized knobs as well. Our knobs are not returnable. We also have additional techniques that may help you hang your thick textile. If you need additional assistance, give us a call.

Our Mini Hangers are not meant for thick textiles. The ideal maximum textile thickness for our Mini Hangers is 1/4 inch compressed.

What are the dimensions of an Art In A Pinch quilt hanger?
Each piece of our Original Hanger is 3/4 inch thick and 2 inches wide. The knobs are about 3/4 inch high. The length you order is the length of the hanger. About 1/2 an inch of your textile will be inside the hanger. Our Casual clamps are 4 inches long, the rest of the dimensions are the same as our Original Hanger. The Mini Hangers are 1 5/8 inches wide and each piece is 1/2 inch thick. The Mini knobs are about 9/16 inch tall.

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How and why do you use the natural muslin?
The what and why: Natural Muslin is a non-bleached, non-dyed fabric that will not transfer chemicals to your hanging. When used inside our hangers it gives added cushion and protection to your textile's edge. The pinching is done on the muslin instead of on your hanging. If you purchase unfinished hangers or are finishing them yourself we highly recommend that you use muslin to wrap the edge of your piece so your finish or the resins in the wood will not transfer to your hanging. If the edge of your textile is uneven across the top, you will need to use muslin to build up the textile so that it is the same thickness all the way across. Pay special attention to the corners since they often are thicker. We also recommend muslin if you are hanging any of the following: antique hanging, silk rug, slippery fabric, collectable hanging, valuable art, damaged edges (see also "Can I use Art In A Pinch hangers for antique or very delicate quilts or rugs?" answer below).

The how: We sell our natural muslin in 3 inch wide strips. Click here to purchase natural muslin. Fold or iron the width of the muslin into 3rds for added cushion and protection of your textile. Then, while your hanger is located on a flat surface, wrap the top edge of your textile with the muslin so approx. 1/2 inch is on the back side of your textile and approx. 1/2 inch is on the front. The muslin will be what is in contact with the wood and not your textile and should be hidden inside the hanger. Note: If your rug has fringe, fold the fringe behind your rug first, then wrap the rug with the muslin as mentioned above. Two sets of hands work better than one for this and make sure to read the hanging instructions as well before beginning. If you need further assistance, please call. We will be happy to help you!

What do I do with a quilt or rug with fringe on the edges?
Fold the fringe to either the front side or the back side of your rug, depending upon the look you want. The hanger must grab the main part of the rug.

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Can I use Art In A Pinch hangers for antique or very delicate quilts or rugs?
Yes but with caution. We recommend wrapping your textile with natural muslin for added cushion and protection (see our muslin question above for more information). If your piece is damaged or has disintegrating fibers at the top, gravity alone could further damage the textile. We also recommend that you keep your valuable hangings out of direct sunlight if possible.

How do I hang a quilt or rug that is larger than 96 inches?
We recommend purchasing 2 hangers and butting them together. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but 96 is the longest hanger we can ship. If you are butting 2 hangers together, please let us know and we will match the hanger finishes.

How much weight can an Art In A Pinch quilt or rug hanger hold?
We have had customers hang approx. 100 lb rugs using our hangers. Please make sure to use your wall studs when possible especially with a heavy rug and use all of the keyholes provided. If you cannot use the studs and your wall itself can handle the weight of your rug, make sure you use wall anchors designed for the appropriate weight and type off wall. Click here for more infomation on installing your hanger on a wall. It's best to have each anchor's strength be able to support the entire hanging.

Can I finish my unfinished quilt hanger myself?
Yes you can. If you are going to stain your hanger we recommend unfinished oak. If you are going to paint your hanger we recommend our paint-grade maple hangers for a better finish. If you want more of a rustic look we also have unfinished pine. We use knotty pine so your hanger might have knots. We highly recommend that you wrap the edge of your textile with natural muslin to protect your textile from your finish or from the wood resins. Unfinished hangers take about 2 weeks to make.

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Can I order hangers with special woods and/or finishes?
Yes, however, most of our customers find that one of our standard finishes will suit their needs since the Original hanger itself is only 2 inches wide. If our standard finishes are not what you are looking for we do have many stains and woods to choose from. Please call to discuss your options, fees and the time frame. Most special orders take up to 4 weeks to make.

What do I do if my quilt or rug keeps slipping out of the hanger?
Please feel free to call and we can walk you through your hanging dilemma. We can get most anything to work with our hangers. Throughout the years we have found a few textiles that seem to do this: Silk rugs, satin or other slippery fabrics and rugs that are not the same thickness across the top. In most cases wrapping the textile with natural muslin (or something that will not transfer bleaches and dyes to your textile) works. The muslin is then in contact with the wood instead of your slippery fabric. To solve the problem with a rug that is not the same thickness across the top, we use muslin in the thinner places only to build up the rug to make it even. Remember that our hangers are using pressure across the entire rug and will grab the thickest part first. We also have additional techniques that may help you hang your slipping textile. If you need additional assistance, give us a call.

My rug is thicker around the corners, what can I do?
Some rugs are bound in a way so that the corners are much thicker than the rest of the rug. Our rug hangers are putting pressure across the entire textile so your rug might want to slip out if the corners are inside the hanger. We have found 2 options that seem to work with this. You can either purchase a hanger slightly smaller so that thick corner is not inside that hanger or you can wrap the edge of your rug everywhere except the corners with natural muslin to make the rest of the rug the same thickness. (See the above question for more information.) Please feel free to call if you need further assistance.

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Why are my rug hanger knobs too short?
Please refer to the question above: "Can Art In A Pinch rug hangers hold thick rugs?"

Why is the face of my hanger tilted?
Thick rugs can cause the face of the rug hanger to tilt upward. This problem is easily corrected by placing something on the inside of the hanger above the knob holes. The face will then be straighter and provided more pressure at the bottom of the hanger which is where you want it. Please call for more information.

What else can I hang with the Art In A Pinch hangers besides quilts and rugs?
Our creative customers have used our hangers for many kinds of textiles. As long as your textile can have even pressure across its top edge, our hanger should work for you. If you are not hanging a standard quilt or thin rug, please feel free to call us and discuss your unique textile and we can help you decide if our hanger is right for you. Remember that some textiles require additional needs in order to use our hangers. Some textiles need our long knobs or need to be wrapped with muslin. Here's a small list of textiles that have been hung with our "quilt hangers" and "rug hangers": Navajo rugs, Asian rugs, Indian rugs, Persian rugs, Middle Eastern rugs, hooked rugs (usually require long knobs), silk rugs (usually require muslin), pretty much any rug (depending upon thickness), wool blankets, Afghans, fiber art, fabric art, throws, art quilts, Hmong textiles, felted art, art clothes, weavings, tapestries, Native American textile art, Mexican throws, Mexican blankets, African mudcloth and African textile art, textile embroideries, fabric paintings, batik, baby quilts (never install anything including hangers were a small child can pull on it), lace tableclothes, table runners, flags, some animal hides (call for advice), cloth banners and Paraments. We have also had a few customers use our hangers as curtain rods for home-made curtains. Throughout the years, many musicians have purchased our hangers for rugs to help dampen noise in their recording studios. Finally several customers have hung maps, parchment and calendars with our hangers. In these unique cases, please call us so we can help you. We usually have to modify our hanger for you.

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Can I return a hanger?
30 Day return on stained and natural finished standard-size hangers only. Please call for your return authorization number and instructions. No returns accepted without return authorization. Our return instructions will provide you with detailed instructions to help make sure your hanger isn't damaged in the return shipping.

Our hangers are inspected and carefully packaged for shipping. Returned hangers must be received in original condition. It is the customer's responsibility to properly package and insure delivery. Art In A Pinch reserves the right to reject damaged returns or to charge customers for refinishing damaged items due to improperly packaged returns.

Once we get your hanger back we will credit your credit card for the hanger price only. There is no credit given for any shipping charges incurred by us including any upgraded shipping charges selected.

20% restocking fee on all returns or refused orders. Restocking fee based on the total purchase price of item being returned.

The following hangers are not returnable: black, white, unfinished, and all custom order hangers. Black and white are considered special finishes; unfinished and custom hangers are made to order.

When ordering with us, please make sure your mailing address is correct. Shipping and handling charges will apply to all orders that come back to us and need to be reshipped due to incorrect address or other non-delivered reason provided by carrier.

If you need assistance in using one of our hangers, please feel free to call and we will be happy to assist you. Thick textiles may require our long knobs and slipping textiles may need to be wrapped. See our additional questions on our FAQ page for more helpful information.

By placing your order you agree to our Return Policy.

Are Art In A Pinch hangers available wholesale for my quilt or rug shop?
Yes. Please call us and we will send you some information. There is a minimum purchase order amount and we only offer a small discount since we are a very small company. If you are an artist that is looking to get many hangers to display your art work, we may have a discount for you as well.

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Can I ship to Canada?
Yes you can ship to Canada. Due to shipper's size restrictions, the maximum size you can ship to Canada is a hanger that is 78 inches long. Also the maxiumum number of hangers in one order is 5 at a time. If you are ordering more hangers please call us. When ordering online choose the shipping option Canada USPS Priority on the shipping and billing page. Shipping to Canada is expensive. If you live close to the the US border, there are many companies that will allow you to ship to their location for you to pick it up and take your order across to Canada. Unfortunately we cannot help you to find a company that provides this service but a Google search might be helpful. This option is usually much cheaper.

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